Global Youth Initiative for the John Maxwell Team

The past April 27, 2017 our team was part of The Global Youth Initiative for the John Maxwell Team. The initiative looked to bring leadership workshops to over 500,000 teens and youth all around the globe. The event was a way to empower, equip and inspire youth through topics such as having a positive self image, respecting themselves and others, being a positive influence and having the right attitude to embrace failure and learn from it to achieve success.

On April 27 Ana Tavera and Angela Yepez brought an empowering set of workshops were the students at New Arising Academy were empowered to become bright leaders and change makers.

Angela presented a program were children ages 3-6 were empowered through the book “Sometimes you Win Sometimes you Learn” for Kids. Angela allow for each child to learn and see that it didn’t matter how many times you failed orif you failed but what mattered was that we could learn about the mistakes made and try again. Empowering each child to reach their potential in their own way is very important because it allows each child to create their own identity.